When we explore scripture, especially the New Testament, we discover a VISION of who God wants us to be.

The MISSION of Deermeadows is to be a community of faith following Jesus Christ.

The people who make up Deermeadows are a faith community committed to living out the MISSION. The church has ministries working to make this happen, and we want you to know we have a place for you.

Our STRATEGY as a church is to:

Worship authentically

Connect relationally

Grow spiritually

Serve purposefully

Deermeadows' unique VALUES drive the church to pursue its vision & mission, and help us discover some of the unique qualities of this incredible faith community:

  • We believe authentic, vibrant, and life giving gatherings of worship celebrate the story of Jesus, encourage unity through the Holy Spirit, and bring people close to God.
  • Believing that Jesus can radically rescue every single person means that all ages and families worship and serve together, men and women lead and minister alongside one another, and the diverse people calling Jacksonville, “home,” are cherished.
  • Sharing community breathes life into relationships and helps us connect as followers of Christ. We believe connections happen best in small groups for the purposes of nurturing friendships, care, prayer, and spiritual growth.
  • Thriving groups seek renewal through Bible study and learning, seeking not just to know, but to confidently grow in core, Christian beliefs. We believe spiritual growth happens best in open environments where people are free to ask tough questions and vulnerably share life.
  • Deermeadows cares about others and will compassionately share Christ through personal friendships, missional partnerships and courageous opportunities not only in the city we love, but all around the world.
  • We recognize that everything we have is God’s. That joyful recognition equips and empowers every person to offer resources as gifts from God used for his purposes. Christ-likeness abounds in generosity, stewardship and service as we develop lifestyles of giving, kindness and care.
  • Because the Lord is worthy of our best offerings, excellence is valued in all we do and say.