Giving Beyond A Lifetime

The Deermeadows Permanent Endowment Fund was established in 2014 to accommodate the generosity of church members who desire to leave a Christian legacy that will last beyond their lifetime. Why should one consider leaving a gift to their church? The reasons are as varied as the people making the gifts. Some want to celebrate their families' long and intimate relationship with the church. For another, it is a way to memorialize a family member. In some cases, it is a desire to see the mission of the church perpetuated in ways that cannot be addressed through the normal church budget process. The most fundamental reason is that individuals love their church and want to play a part in its life after they are gone. 

Learn About Legacy Giving

 - What is the Permanent Endowment Fund?

Gifts to Deermeadows are used to build a Fund that is invested in order to generate annual income for the ongoing mission of the church. The Fund furthers the mission of the church and provides a living memorial.

 - What is the purpose of the Endowment Fund?

The Fund provides a stream of income that may be used for church needs not met by budget giving. Money from the Fund may be used for missions, property improvement, new facilities, and general and special needs. It's an excellent way to provide a living legacy through Deermeadows.

- How do I get more information?

You may contact the Finance and Bookkeeper Frances Brooks to speak to a member of the Endowment Fund Committee (Danny Edwards, Bruce Singletary, Ned Hamil, Bob Shryock, and Cathy Holton). 

- How do I leave a gift to the Permanent Endowment Fund?

The process is usually fairly simple, and usually can be taken care of by asking your attorney to add a Bequest Codicil to your will stating your desires. If you do not have a will, this may be a good time to think about what will happen to your assets when you die.

- What type of assets can be gifted?

You may give cash, CDs, life insurance, retirement plans, and similar. Other gifts such as real estate, stocks, and trusts may require the assistance of an attorney. More detailed information may be found in the Deermeadows Baptist Gift Acceptance Policy.

- How can I be sure my gift will be used appropriately?

The Permanent Endowment Fund Committee is responsible to administer the Fund. This committee is elected by Deermeadows members and must adhere to the Permanent Endowment Fund Policy approved by the church. The committee may only use assets and income of the Fund in the manner outlined in the Policy.

- Who manages the fund and investments?

General administration of the Fund is supervised by the Committee as described above. Guidestone Capital Management LLC, a subsidiary of the Southern Baptist Convention, is the current financial advisor and is responsible to implement the Fund's strategy. Guidestone is a $10 billion asset entity. 

- Will my gift plans be made public?

Just as Deermeadows financial records are maintained in a confidential manner, so are gifts to the Fund. By necessity, the Fund Committee will be made aware at the time of receipt. It is possible for families of donors to request that their memorials be recognized, but gifts will not be made public without consent. 

- What happens if my life circumstances change?

You may change your gift at any time prior to death. Generally speaking, your gift is a function of your will. Just as you may change your will from time to time, so you may change your gift. During your lifetime you are under no obligation.

- Do I have to notify the church of my plans?

No. While it is helpful for your heirs and Deermeadows to be aware of your desires, it is not required that you notify the church of your decision to leave a gift. 

- What happens to the Endowment Fund if Deermeadows Baptist Church ceases to exist?

In the event of a merger with another church, the Fund will go with the merger. In the event of a complete dissolution of the church, the Fund is passed to the Florida Baptist Convention. Further contingency provisions are contained in the Fund Policy.

- Can gifts be designated to a particular activity?

In general, no. The Endowment Fund Committee may address exceptions on an individual basis. 

- Can the church spend a portion of the Fund principal?

No, the principal of the Endowment Fund may not be spent. A catastrophic provision is included in the Fund Policy, but may only be exercised in the direst of circumstances bordering on survival of the church.