Update from Pastor Larry

March 20, 2020

Greetings Church,

I regret what our world is going through related to the coronavirus. My heart is heavy for those who are ill from it, those who have lost loved ones from it and the impact it’s having on businesses, schools, the economy and your own home.

Yet, it is still amazing to be a part of God’s family! Our faith declares God’s holy place is in your hearts. YOU are His temple (1 Cor. 3:16-17; 1 Peter 2:5). By His Spirit, we are together even when we are apart!

1.New Worship Platform

Last week more than 500 devices linked in to worship – with several devices having multiple people. Please join us this Sunday at 10:15am to worship Jesus together even though we are apart.

You can continue to connect via our website’s live stream or through a new platform providing interactive features such as chat, prayer requests, and online worship guide.

2.You Can Connect

Living in this era of technology rocks!!!

My family had a blast connecting with our middle and high schoolers via computer Wednesday night. Student Pastor Chris Gillespie led us in fun games, on-point Bible study and prayer. Over 80 people participated together apart.

You can do this, too, with your small group. At least two adult classes are trying it this Sunday morning at 9:00am.

Free resources to explore include Zoom Communications and FreeConferenceCall.com

 3.Need Prayer?

Visit Deermeadows’ website or click HERE to invite prayer just as we do on Sunday mornings. We will pray over your request!

4.Will You Continue to Give?

I am keenly aware of the economic impact coronavirus isolation is having on your businesses, households and retirement accounts. Still, I urge you to give something faithfully and regularly.

Even though we cannot physically gather for worship, Bible study and serving, the church’s ministries have not slowed down – it’s simply changed formats.

One of the best ways to give remotely is through your bank. They can guide you through making online offerings. This has the lowest processing costs to the church.

You can also give online HERE or give by texting "Give" to 904-615-8318.

5.What the Church is Doing

Helping Each Other

If you’re available to help someone with grocery runs, errands, pharmacy pick-ups, etc. click HERE. All helpers will be vetted and screened before being matched to those in need of help. 
If you are in need of help, please call the church office at 904-642-2200.

Helping Other Churches

Mark Groves and Keith Thompson are making our audio/video technology available for other local churches. Because of your generosity, we’re blessed with good equipment for recording sermons, teaching and the like. We’re sharing – free of charge – what we have with other congregations.

Reaching Each Other

Our group leaders are striving to contact every person in their group every week. This is an incredible undertaking!

In Closing...

Yes, these are new, challenging days. I am convinced we will not simply survive; we will come through this in better shape than we’ve ever been before.


Because difficulty reminds us of what’s most important: Jesus and each other. And difficulty encourages creative changes from us that we probably needed all along.

Much Love to Each of You,

Pastor Larry

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