The Sacred Mix of Faith and Work

October 24, 2019

The Sacred Mix of Faith and Work


Deermeadows member, Ralph Coleman, directs the First Coast Pops Orchestra. Recently, Ralph was able to officiate the funeral of the spouse of one of the orchestra members. And as life would lead, Ralph was in the room when this individual drew her final breath. Ministry for Ralph happens within the broad context of living among people, wherever they are along the journey of faith, and at the moments when a touch from God is needed. Ralph speaks of the mixture of people in the orchestra,

"We have strong Christians in our ensemble, some who also participated in this family event. Other relationships are also in motion as we seek to serve kingdom goals."

Believers in Christ sit among those in the orchestra who hold other beliefs, and respect is evident within the diversity.

Players in the First Coast Pops Orchestra are truly community, traveling from all of Duval, St. Johns, Clay and Nassau counties. Deermeadows has served as a direct link in Ralph's work with the group because the ensemble has used church facilities from time to time.

"I have heard many favorable comments from those who may not darken the door of the church. [Deermeadows] allows us to act as the breath of life within the church house, even to those who believe pew and P.U. are synonyms," Ralph charmingly remarks.

Ralph and others in the group thank Deermeadows for helping make this beautiful mix of work, art and faith possible. And Deermeadows continues to encourage one another to extend the love of Christ in the marketplace. Ralph wrapped up with some words for the church, 

"We are grateful to be allowed to act as instruments of His service."

And Deermeadows is blessed by members who see their worship in vocation, in life, and in art.