Saturday: Jesus Is Buried

April 11, 2020
Saturday: Jesus Is Buried


APRIL 5-12, 2020


Parents: Use your child’s Bible to read through these Scriptures. Use a modern version, too, like the New Living Translation or The Message paraphrase.

Saturday, April 11:  JESUS IS BURIED


BREATHE (Slow Down): Calm your head, heart, and hands as you slowly breathe in . . . and out. You are receiving Jesus’ peacefulness.

READ: John 19:38-42

WONDER and DISCUSS: When Jesus was alive, Joseph of Arimathea was afraid to tell others he was a follower of Jesus. But after Jesus died, Joseph asked Pilate if he could bury Jesus’ body. Wonder why Joseph wanted to do this for Jesus. What do you think Joseph and Nicodemus were feeling when they buried Jesus? Where do you think the other disciples were on this day? How do you think they were feeling? How does this part of the story make you feel? 

PRAY: Practice making the signs for “Jesus” (with hands open, touch the tip of the middle finger of one hand to the palm of your other hand; repeat on the opposite hand – this symbolizes the nails in Jesus’ hands).

Pray this prayer:

Dear Jesus, You taught us how to be servants to each other. Thank You!

Jesus, You were sad when You prayed in the garden and Your friends fell asleep. Thank You!

Jesus, You let Your enemies arrest You and hurt You. Thank You!

Jesus, your friends ran away and even said they didn’t know you. But you didn’t complain. Thank you!

We are sorry Your friends ran away.

We are sorry You felt so alone.

We are sorry Your enemies hurt You.

We are sorry You suffered so much for us.

Jesus, we love You.

Thank You for loving us!


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