Precinct #1113

March 5, 2020
Precinct #1113

Blessing the Community

Deermeadows has been blessed with incredible facilities and resources that we in turn use to bless the community and show the love of Christ. In the coming months we will have a few new opportunities to do just that. Deermeadows has been asked to serve as a Duval County Voting Precinct. We will open our doors for the voters of Precinct #1113 to exercise their right to cast their votes. Voting will take place in Founders Hall, and our facilities staff is working with the office of the Supervisor of Elections to make sure this is a smooth experience for all. No partisan or political messages or campaigning is allowed within 150 feet of the building facility, so you may see some signs posted or being waved beyond that area on Election Day. We do ask that Deermeadows members not be a part of campaigning or political display near the church campus. We are grateful to serve our community. 

Tammy Benedict

Church Administrator

CATEGORIES: Churchwide