It's that time again...

September 23, 2020

By-Laws Review

By-laws…..we’re talking about by-laws? That’s right, one of the most exciting topics there is, just kidding.

While discussing by-laws might cause most of us to drift into a boredom-induced nap, they are vital to the work of the church. It is through the by-laws that we ordain deacons, establish and maintain committees, call ministers to the church, and so much more.

So, again the question is, why are we talking about by-laws? Well I’m glad you asked!

Every three (3) years we review the by-laws and this process allows us to:

   - Reflect on what has been working (or maybe not working)

   - Examine how we can improve and adapt

   - Focus on how we can best work to further the mission of the church and proclaim the name of Christ to those in need.

The By-Laws Review Committee asks that you take some time to read through the by-laws and with prayerful consideration, please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we might adapt the by-laws to better serve our Lord.

A link to the by-laws is HERE. You can submit suggestions HERE.

With much appreciation,
Michael Alfano, Chair of the By-Law Review Committee.

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