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Gloria In the Highest

Gloria In the Highest

Gloria In the Highest

April 29, 2020

Gloria In The Highest!

During these days of "Stay At Home," we want to recognize Gloria Davis, Deermeadows' church pianist, who is leaving the sanctuary piano bench after over 24 years of dedicated ministry in music. Having served alongside three of the church's pastors of music/worship since January 1996 (Mark Groves for the most recent 12, and also with Mark O'Connor as orchestra director), and with several interim leaders, Gloria leaves a legacy of beautiful leadership in literally thousands of worship gatherings, rehearsals, concerts and special events. Her directorship of the senior adult Choice Voices choir has also been marked by a caring, ministry spirit in presentations at area-wide retirement communities and nursing centers through the years. In addition to Gloria's responsibilities around Deermeadows, she is also retiring from her position as accompanist with LaVilla School of the Arts.

In Gloria's letter to Larry Yarborough and Mark Groves, she writes, "Please accept my sincere appreciation for the many privileges I've had, for the great joys I've experienced, and the many blessings that have been mine. As I... relinquish my spot by the piano keys, please know that my 

many friends at [Deermeadows] will always have the keys to my heart. - Philippians 1:3 - I THANK MY GOD." Gloria, you are loved and cherished by your church community, and we are all grateful and changed by your ministry of music among us!​


Mark Groves

Music/Worship Pastor

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