Friday: Jesus Dies

April 10, 2020
Friday: Jesus Dies


APRIL 5-12, 2020


Parents: Use your child’s Bible to read through these Scriptures. Use a modern version, too, like the New Living Translation or The Message paraphrase.

Friday, April 10:  JESUS DIES

BREATHE (Slow Down): Calm your head, heart, and hands as you slowly breathe in . . . and out. You are receiving Jesus’ peacefulness.

READ: John 19:16-30

WONDER and DISCUSS: What do you wonder about Jesus dying on the cross? How does this story make you feel?

PRAY: Draw a simple cross, or use your palm cross from Sunday. Practice holding up the cross and having everyone say, “Thank You, Jesus.” Hold it up after each sentence in this prayer, saying the response together:

Dear Jesus, You are our Lord. Thank You, Jesus!

You came to earth for us. Thank You, Jesus!

You lived for us. Thank You, Jesus!

You suffered for us. Thank You, Jesus!

You died for us. Thank You, Jesus!

You love us. Thank You, Jesus! Amen.

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