Family Beach Month Devos

August 4, 2020
Family Beach Month Devos

Deermeadows Families, 

As everyone is coming, going, getting ready for school, dodging COVID, and going crazy, we are excited to give you an opportunity to relax and enjoy the beach with your church family each Wednesday during the month of August.  We hope you’ll join us 9am to noon.  On Wednesday nights, we’re encouraging you to spend time as a family taking a look at the book of Philippians. One chapter + 2 discussion questions each week.  RightNow Media studies available for a deeper look.  Happy August!


Week 1: (Aug. 5)

Read Philippians Chapter 1

  1. How is God working in your life? (vs. 6)
  2. When is a time you’ve reacted to adversity “in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ”? (vs. 27)

Week 2: (Aug. 12)

Read Philippians Chapter 2

  1. Who is someone who has shown you what it looks like to live a worthy life? What stands out to you about that person?
  2. Think about your attitude toward God, yourself, and your life. Would you describe it as joyful?  Why or why not?

Week 3: (Aug. 19)

Read Philippians Chapter 3

  1. How do you press on towards your goals? (vs. 14)
  2. When has it been difficult for you to persevere in following Jesus? What helped you to keep going?

Week 4: (Aug. 26)

Read Philippians Chapter 4

  1. When have you experienced God’s peace? In what ways has God’s peace felt like protection or a guard? (vs. 7)
  2. When have you been on the receiving end of someone’s generosity? How did you respond?

Dig Deeper:

For families with elementary and preschool aged children, check out this study of the book of Philippians called, “Where Does Joy Come From” on RightNow Media:

For families with middle and high school aged children, check out this study of the book of Philippians called, “The Book of Philippians” on RightNow Media: