Advent for Families: 2019 Devotional Guide

November 28, 2019

We hope you’ll enjoy this Advent Guide for Families. Our families have observed Advent family worship since our children were preschoolers, and it is impossible to tell you what it has meant to us. Our schedules have always been a little crazy due to work, school, extra-curricular and volunteer activities. As our kids grow, the craziness seems to multiply. Even when there was never time during the rest of the year for family worship, we always made time during Advent. 

Your precious kiddos are learning what is important to you, not through your words, but through your actions. When you “move heaven and earth” to get them to dance practice or to baseball, basketball, volleyball or football practice, you are teaching them these are important activities. When you allow other things to prevent you from worship, either with the body or in your home, you are teaching your children that worship is optional and perhaps overrated. 

Here’s how to use this year’s guide: At the top of each page is the week, the theme for the week, the focus of the scripture and the scripture. Next is a poem (or song) highlighting the character of the week. (Yes, a star is a character.) Depending on the age of your kiddos, the explanation of the character and theme can be read by you and then information shared. Young preschoolers will absorb more from activities. If you have older child(ren), they can read this part at the worship time or tell parts to the younger children. 

“For Preschoolers & Children” and “For Children” are age appropriate activities to do with your family to reinforce the theme for the week. These activities don’t have to be done on the same night as family worship. Perhaps you can spread the activities out over 2-3 nights. And, then a possible “Family Worship” time is described. 

Our Prayer is that the next four weeks will be filled with HOPE, PEACE, JOY, LOVE and FAITH as you worship with your family.   

We love you,

Ansley Alfano (Kids Pastor) and Susan Payne (Preschool Pastor)