Adult Connect Groups

Discover Deermeadows (All Ages)

      Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
      Location: Rm. B114
This class is to help people new to Deermeadows learn more about this community of faith - our history, our values, our ministries and more. A small group where a dedicated leader helps people make connections at Deermeadows.

A Life of Hope - L. Yarborough

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B101
Join Pastor Larry as he goes through 8-week cycles in this new Connect group. If you aren't involved in a connect group already this would be a great place to start! Join at any time. 

Young Adults - Gillespie/Alfano (18-24yrs)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B212
Leader(s): Lydia Gillespie & Michael Alfano
A highly interactive Bible Study with lively discussion. Frequent social events together.

Young Couples (Holmes/Reedy)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
      Location: Rm. B208
      Leader(s): April Holmes and Matt & Jennifer Reedy
A new, small group of young married couples, and a few new parents. We meet each week and share life experiences as they relate to the Bible study topics. Lively discussion and feedback is encouraged. Plans for outings and outside activities are being set up. Facebook page created for information sharing, church activities, and to stay connected.

Thrive Group (Young Adults: Co-Ed 20+)

Meeting Time: Sunday @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B201-203
Leader(s): Greg Rowe & Asher Lohman
We have a diverse group that welcomes anyone and simply wants people to feel like they can connect easily. We stay in touch weekly via a class Facebook group and try to plan gatherings on a quarterly basis.

K. Rose Group (Co-Ed 35+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Zoom
Leader(s): Kim Rose
Bible study together often utilizing video presentation, followed by discussion. (Contact Susan Payne for Zoom ID and Password.)

Cooper Group (Co-Ed 40+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B214-216
Leader(s): Mark Messer, Stephanie Sisco, & Terri Cooper
Teaching alternates between leaders. Presentation is "in-depth" with lots of questions and discussions.

T. Walter Group (Co-Ed 50+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B213-215
Leader(s): Tommy Walter
The Walter/Crider Bible Study class is a spiritual family, using the Holy Bible in any translation you feel most comfortable with. Each book is read and studied chapter by chapter, verse by verse as we seek God's grace and understanding and move along our individual spiritual journeys. We come from various religious backgrounds and have all levels of education.

Because of this diversity, we are totally inclusive and welcoming to everyone. You can bet we have great discussions. We pray together, love together, laugh a lot together, eat a lot together, and focus on Jesus and his resurrection as it applies to our lives.

Co-Ed Adult Group (Co-Ed 55+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B112
Leader(s): Jayme Alfano
A welcoming class that loves Bible study and coming together for class interaction outside of Sunday Bible study hours for community and connection. (Uses Lifeway: Explore the Bible curriculum.) 

Carmichael/The Encouragers Group (Co-Ed 60+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Founders Hall
Leader(s): Bill Carmichael
This class stays true to the text in presentation and discussion. We seek to study the Scriptures in context always looking to Jesus as our guide for understanding. We also have fun together - in class and in our group's social events.

The Joy Group (Co-Ed 60+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B108-110
Leader(s): Lee Rowe
An active, warm, and welcoming group of adults 60+ that study the bible one book at a time. The class decides which book they're studying serious Bible study; fun; much laughter. Class style is interactive with half discussion and half teaching.

J. Walker Group (Co-Ed 60+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B102-104
Leader(s): James Walker
Most classes begin with an in-depth historical perspective of the events preceding the lesson. Questions are always encouraged and lively discussions occur. We develop a realistic view of the biblical message and relate it to present situations. As we study a book or verse, we determine:

* Who is writing/speaking and to whom

* Date and reason it is written
* Position in biblical timeline
* How Scripture compares to Scripture

L. Elliott Group (Co-Ed  65+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B111
Leader(s): Larry Elliott
A class of Senior Adults 65+, couples and singles, who enjoy Bible study and discussion using Bible Study for Life for Senior Adults from Lifeway.

The Image Group (Co-Ed 65+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B113
Leader(s): Michael Reedy
Life experiences are used each week to introduce the focal scripture passage. PowerPoint slides are used to help keep discussion focused on various aspects of the scripture passage, and how that scripture relates to our lives right now. Discussion is lively and engaging and is not a lecture style class.

The Treasurer Group (Co-Ed 50+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Conference Rm. (Worship Center)
Leader(s): Larry Peck
In-depth study of a book of the Bible verse by verse. Discussion centers on what the Scripture says in context, often citing other relevant passages to enhance understanding. Discussion on broad subjects (like faith, hope and love) focuses more narrowly on what our current text addresses in regard to those topics.

We try, as much as possible, to help each other to understand Scripture from the perspective of those who lived it and wrote it. This approach gives a foundation on which to base applications for modern-day believers.

The primary teacher is especially knowledgeable of the Old Testament.

International Group

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B206 & Live Via Zoom
Leader(s): Dale & Mary Edith St. Denis & Joel Esperance
Improve your English-speaking skills and discover more about Christianity and the Bible in this small group especially for English language-learners. For more info contact Susan Payne

The members of this class have different cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. They have immigrated to the USA from every continent (except Antarctica).

Class members have different language skills ranging from “Beginner” to “Advanced” English as a second language. Everyone is interested in learning English as a second language through the study of the Christian Bible (NIV).

It is a warm, caring fellowship that welcomes any international guest to Deermeadows Baptist Church.

Musicians Group

Meeting Time: Tuesday @ 4pm
Location: Live via Zoom
Leader(s): Linda Gullakson & Holly Cromer

Enjoy friendships, encouragement and learning with other Deermeadows musicians. For more info contact Susan Payne.

Spanish Group

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: B202-204
Leader(s): Ricardo Jarvis

Clase biblica en espanol

Domingos de 9:15-10:15am en el aula B202-204 - Manteniendo distancia social 

Profesores : Ricardo Jarvis

Comparta con nosotros nuestra Clase Biblica los Domingos de 9:15-10:15 a.m. en el aula B202-204, donde compartimos y aprendemos a travez de la Biblia la importancia de nuestra relacion con Dios y con los que nos rodean dia a dia. Esta clase es para todas las personas de habla hispana que desean compartir la palabra de Dios en su mismo idioma. Para mayor informacion contacte a Susan Payne or call 904-642-2200.

Ladies Multigenerational Connect Group

Meeting Time: Wednesdays @ 6:30p
Location: B105-109
Leader(s): Diana Yarborough
This ladies group will meet throughout the coming year in order to build deep connections and facilitate spiritual growth. Numerous Ladies' Bible studies will be used. This is especially designed for ongoing weekly participation. Come to grow spiritually and be cared for as you care for others. The first study will be "Elijah" by Priscilla Shirer. Participation Guide available for purchase on campus for $10.

D. Green Group (Ladies 20+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 8:45am
Location: Conference Rm. & Live on Zoom
Leader(s): Donna Green
Contact Susan Payne for Zoom ID & Password.
A small, close knit group of ladies who learn together and care for each other.

Women of the Word (Ladies 60+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. B105-109
Leader(s): Kathy Rossiter
The W.O.W Class is made up of both married and single women. They participate in planned activities both for fun and fellowship, and mission opportunities. They also go to lunch together the first Sunday of each month following worship service. The class supports ministries at Deermeadows as well as several ministries outside the church, including Seamark Ranch and First Coast Women's Organization. Once a week, the teacher sends out the W.O.W. Class News with prayer requests and praises from the class, and upcoming events both in the class and churchwide. E-Mails with prayer requests and special needs are also sent out throughout the week.

Ruth Class (Ladies 65+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15a
Location: Bridal Suite
Leader(s): Merrie Smith
A group of ladies that praises God, prays, and studies Scripture through learning, singing, and laughing together!

Grant Group (60+)

Meeting Time: Sundays @ 9:15am
Location: Rm. A4
Leader(s): Charlie Grant
The focus is on Bible study. A book of the Bible is selected by class consensus. The teacher leads a verse by verse reading and discussion by class members with the goal of deepening our understanding and enjoyment of God's Word.

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