Be Victorious: A Study of Revelation

Be Victorious: A Study of Revelation

Meeting Time: Wednesday
Categories: Adults, Men, Senior Adults, Women
Leader(s): Kevin Spinks
Phone: 904-642-2200

The book of Revelation stands out as one of the most intriguing, yet least understood books of the Bible. From the sobering letters to the seven churches to the amazing visions and epic battles, millions of Christians have toiled to understand the meaning of this mysterious book. using Dr. Warren Wiersbe's resource, "Be Victorious", join Kevin Spinks as we take a chapter-by-chapter walk through Revelationship, all the while, keeping a steady eye on the main message of the book: Christ is the victor, and in Christ, we are also victorious. 

Leader: Kevin Spinks ~ Rm B102 ~ Twelve Sessions ~ Book Cost: $10

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