What Is Membership?

Membership in a church is not the same as holding membership in a club, professional organization, or social group. Becoming a part of Deermeadows through membership refers to teachings in the New Testament book of 1 Corinthians -- each part of a human body is called a "member," and each member has a specific purpose. In the same way, every person who is a part of Deermeadows, or a member, has been called by God for specific purposes in his church - what the Bible refers to as "the body of Christ."


Steps for guests:

  • Attend Sunday morning worship, and a Sunday or weekday small group. While you're there, complete an information card to receive more info about Deermeadows.
  • Join our staff at one of the monthly Meet & Greets following worship for an overview of community life with the church.
  • Peruse this website for info. Click link to sign-up for the Deermeadows eNewsletter.

Steps to Membership:

  • Attend the 3-session DISCOVER DEERMEADOWS CLASS offered most every month of the year.
  • Call the church office (904-642-2200) to make an appointment to talk with one of our staff pastors, OR complete a membership form at one of the monthly Meet & Greets, OR come forward during the Sundy worship time of response to pray with one of our pastors.

  • You may become a member of Deermeadows by one of the following 1) baptism by immersion, 2) transfer of membership from another Baptist congregation, or 3) statement of faith in Jesus Christ (previously baptized by immersion). Our pastors are glad to talk with you and answer questions you may have at anytime.