We believe all of life is to be lived as an act of worship

Worshiping together as a church should be a great encouragement to a life of service and devotion. Deermeadows' gathering of all ages happens at 10:15 a.m. on Sundays, and challenges every person through God's Word, expresses our commitment to the ways of Christ, and empowers us through the Spirit toward acts of love and courage. Multigenerational worship draws from scripture, personal stories, words new and ancient, prayers, great hymns of faith, and refreshing modern music usually led by full choir and orchestra alongside a vocal team.

Music, Arts & Technical Ministries

Music and the arts touch people in many different ways as we come to God in worship, allowing each person to glorify God and make large the life of Jesus. The music and worship of Deermeadows is recognized for its variety, excellence and heart-felt spirit.

Weekly opportunites for service are available for musicians, as well as those who enjoy serving in a support and design role through audio & visual technical ministries.

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